Law Enforcement Product Suite

Law Enforcement Product Suite

This comprehensive suite of JusticeONE® products provides all the needed capabilities to serve your citizens from the initial call for help throughout the entire incident response, management, investigation and state reporting processes.

Shield of Justice™ - NCIC

The Shield of Justice™ Query Engine is the facilitation service that connects the historical involvements to the present moment so officers have criminal history intelligence to understand the complete situation and make informed decisions quickly. We understand how essential this information is and that is why purchasing the JusticeONE® Law Enforcement products includes access to the Shield of Justice™ NCIC Query Engine.
  • Person, vehicle, article, driver histories, criminal histories
  • NCIC data imports into e-tickets, reports, field interview cards and criminal trespass warnings
  • CJIS Compliant end-to-end solution
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Our Calls For Service Dispatch software allows you to respond faster with one single integrated software suite that enables you to share information with dispatchers, officers, first responders and investigators.
  • Manage the challenging dispatch lifecycles across Police Departments, Sheriff Offices, Schools and Universities or any Security Organization.
  • Quickly coordinate response between agencies, disciplines and municipalities.
  • Reduce your IT headaches, while increasing reliability (99.99% uptime), and saving your agency +20% on your overall dispatch investment.
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Mobile RMS

Keep everyone in the know with seamless integration to Dispatch and RMS information. Responders get bi-directional, real-time connection to dispatch, command staff and partnering agencies. Everyone is safer and able to respond efficiently with historical information, alerts and intelligent mapping.
  • Increase situational awareness with fully integrated NCIC queries, BOLOs, caution notes and visibility to unit positions in the field.
  • Save them time with easy to use state/NCIC searches and simplify digital evidence collection with secure media uploads.
  • Place responders proactively where they’re needed. Use mobile mapping and intelligent routing to speed up navigation.
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Give your officers more time in the community by cutting their reporting time in half. We do this by providing the workflow customizations you need, along with notifications, validations, data-collection modules and fast tracking your reporting. Finally, web-based RMS means no upgrades or server maintenance, ever, so your IT team can manage other priorities.
  • Enter once and access from anywhere with web-based RMS Solutions.
  • Replace paper and spreadsheets with a clean, all-in-one RMS that features custom fields, forms, modules, dashboards and custom report approval workflows.
  • We manage and maintain your servers and update them remotely so that you are always compliant with regulatory requirements and have the latest software at your fingertips.
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The E-Citation App makes issuing citations safer, faster and more accurate. The App allows users to generate traffic, parking and code enforcement citations. These documents can be easily printed and issued using a wireless or bluetooth printer.
  • Issue E-Citations in less than 3 minutes while increasing officer and citizen safety by reducing time spent roadside.
  • Be prepared and make informed decisions using real-time NCIC person and vehicle criminal history intelligence on your mobile device.
  • Auto-populate offender + vehicle information using NCIC returns, digital scanning, address lookups and speech-to-text functionality.
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