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The JusticeONE® Platform is a fully integrated, all-in-one, public safety software solution that serves your government entity from the moment a citizen needs help, through incident responses and investigations, to the final court disposition and ongoing probation processes. In short, we serve you by providing industry leading technology and support so you can keep yourselves, citizens and communities safe while upholding justice.

The comprehensive suite of JusticeONE® products provides all the needed capabilities to serve your citizens from the initial call for help throughout the entire incident response, management, investigation and state reporting processes.


The Shield of Justice™ NCIC Query Engine is the lifeline that connects public safety professionals with critical criminal intelligence to make quick and informed decisions in the moment.


This Calls For Service product allows you to respond faster with one single integrated software suite that enables you to share information with dispatchers, officers, first responders and investigators.

Mobile RMS

Responders get bi-directional, real-time connection to dispatch, command staff, and partnering agencies, while utilizing real-time NCIC queries to make vital in-the-moment decisions.


Configure your system for your agency, and each user, with personalized data-entry screens and layouts, including custom fields, drop-downs, labels, field placement and more.

E-Citation App

Issue citations in under 3 minutes. The E-Citation App makes issuing citations safer, faster and more accurate. The App allows users to create traffic, parking and code enforcement citations.

Following the Law Enforcement Product Suite development, we will bring our Court and Probation products into the JusticeONE® Platform. This is a very exciting time for our company and our customers!

Check back for more updates 4Q 2022 on product development roadmap.


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